Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Health Declaration?

The government of the destination country has requested that travellers self-declare information relating to the status of their health immediately before traveling. This is to help prevent further spread of any infection and protect the healthy population. Your contact information may also be requested to support any test and trace initiatives being performed in the destination country

What is a Health ETA?

Once the assessment of the Health Declaration is made, the traveller is provided with a Health Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). It is provided by email and is your proof that you have provided the required information and the destination government has authorized that you can travel. It can be shown to airport and airline staff (on request) to indicate that you are “safe for travel”. It can also be shown to the border guard when you arrive to support entry processing.

Can I update my Health Declaration once submitted?

Once a Health Declaration has been submitted, it can no longer be changed.  However, if you have made a mistake, you can request for the declaration to be deleted and can submit another Health Declaration with the correct information.

How long does it take to get a decision?

For most Health Declarations you will receive an response shortly after submission.  More complex declarations may require a manual assessment and it may take a few hours for a decision to be returned to you.

How long is the Health ETA valid for?

The period of validity is determined by the government issuing your Health ETA, but it is usually around 3-4 days. It will be valid long enough to support the journey being made. The confirmation email will provide the validity information.

What happens if my declaration is declined?

In this case, it has been determined that you should not travel. The confirmation email you receive should contain instructions on what to do next if you need to query this.

Do I still need a visa?

The requirement to obtain a Health ETA is separate and additional to any visa arrangements that your destination government may require.  Even with a valid Health ETA you should still check any mandatory visa requirements for your journey.

Can I make multiple Health Declarations?

Yes, each Health Declaration is separate and if you are traveling to multiple countries in the next few days then you may be required to obtain multiple Health ETAs before travel.

How do I obtain Health ETAs for my family for a specific journey?

You can add each family member’s travel document information to your account, and then make individual Health Declarations on behalf of those family members to obtain all the Health ETAs for your journey.

How long do you hold my information for?

The system holds your Health Declaration for up to 14 days and then deletes this information.  The history of your Health ETAs is retained, and you can view these in your account.

Can I delete my account and history of Health ETAs?

Yes.  You must make an application to the destination government (the Data Controller for this information) via the Contact page, requesting to delete your account and the associated Health Declarations and Health ETAs.